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A video tour of Addison Oaks on someones wedding day.

Addison Oaks County Park Wedding Ceremony & Reception Video Tour

As a professional wedding vendor of 23 years I can say with no degree of doubt this is a really tough venue to beat on nearly all levels. It’s all the positive adjectives rolled into one. Even though it can handle several hundred people for a wedding reception it’s still a cozy place to be. Unlike a huge ominous hall or a giant cold marble ballroom, Addison Oaks in Leonard Michigan is able to pull off the seemingly impossible. It’s cozy and classy all in one. It happens because the facility used to be a home. It’s the welcoming walk up and country drive that make that “cozy part” possible.

As a DJ, I’ve played all over the state of Michigan at the finest of wedding venues and this place just feels like home when you walk in. Unlike some places I play in the cities where polished brass, granite and terrazzo set the stage Addison Oaks merely smirks at all that knowing  full well it’s place in the Great State of Michigan. I could go on about how pretty it is but you owe it to yourself to make the drive and see it. It’s surrounded by hundreds of acres of county park and even has a modestly sized blocked off outdoor garden area that makes its ceremonies just as beautiful as its receptions.

For more info on a wedding reception at Addison Oaks contact Oak Management.
Address: 1480 W Romeo Rd, Leonard, MI 48367
Phone:(248) 693-8305
Hours: Thursday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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